AfiAct II for Stanchion Barns

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AfiAct II for Stanchion Barns AfiAct II for Stanchion Barns

Heat Detection for Tie Stall Barns

Herds housed in stanchion barns facilities (Tie Stall Barns) are struggling with fertility performance. While cowsheds that permit the animals to interact provide the necessary opportunities for detecting heat (manifested as restlessness and mounting behavior), cows housed in tie-stall or stanchion barns are very limited in expressing such behavior.

AfiAct stanchion present an innovative opportunity for improving fertility traits in tied up herds.  

AfiAct II Stanchion introduces an automated heat detection system designed specifically for detecting heats of tied cows. A proprietary algorithm and unique Heat Indicator parameter based on a combination of various behavior aspects enables accurate detection of heats of confined cows.


With AfiAct II Stanchion’s heat indicator analysis, high-performance, accurate heat detection in tie stalls is now available. Owners of tie-stall facilities have an opportunity to improve their herd’s fertility performance substantially: Pregnancy rates can increase between 6% and 9% compared to visual observation and a reduction of 20 to 40 open days when combined with synchronization protocols is expected. 

As a result, a tie stall farm with 100 cows may expect to save between $10,000 and $17,000 per year. In this respect, AfiAct II Stanchion presents a first-of-its-kind market solution!

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AfiAct II for Stanchion BarnsAfiAct II