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AfiFarm Net

AfiFarm Net is an online management system for multiple sites. The success of such enterprises relies on constant monitoring – and identifying new opportunities. Afimilk’s new software product, AfiFarm Net, meets these demands.

AfiFarm Net transforms large amounts of raw data into meaningful information. It presents and compares data on milk production, herd structure, fertility and health from several farms, for any period requested.

In this dynamic, constantly-changing environment, managers and consultants need both the big picture and the smallest details. AfiFarm Net’s data and analysis provides such high levels of knowledge. Likewise, veterinarians, inseminators, consultants and other external service providers rely on this data for effective planning and field tracking.


AfiFarm Net upgrades the single-farm solution to a new level. AfiFarm Net presents, for the first time ever, a simultaneous overview of several dairy operations. AfiFarm Net uses AfiFarm as its data source and provides analysis reports at per-farm and multi-farm levels.

AfiFarm Net offers a much-needed function for multi-farm enterprises, like veterinary services, feed centers, insemination companies, dairies and government bodies. The system provides detailed information on wide-ranging subjects, pointing out crucial exceptions and achievements. Easily installed and user-friendly, AfiFarm Net is indispensable in supervising multiple dairy performances.


AfiFarm Net