Kibbutz Afikim together with Fortissimo Capital Fund are Afimilk's shareholders.

Afikim is one of the largest kibbutzim in Israel and is located in the Jordan Valley in the north of the country. Afikim was founded in 1932 by a small group of young people who shared a vision of establishing a new type of community. Today, the kibbutz members and residents number some 1200 people, and the land extends over an area of 1,500 acres. Afikim was always a conservatory for innovators: Agriculture wise, bananas, dates and avocado plantations, fish farms and cowsheds; industrial wise, Afikim Electric Vehicles, Afimilk; retail and more.

FF Capital - Fortissimo Capital Fund is a private equity fund, with half a billion dollars under management. The fund invests primarily in Israeli-related public and private technology and industrial companies that require a capital infusion and strategic guidance to expand their business. Together with company management, Fortissimo shapes corporate strategy and implements plans of execution to accelerate growth and maximize shareholder value. The fund is backed by leading financial institutions including insurance companies, banks and pension funds.