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Afimilk's rotary automation solution transforms high-scale goat farms' operations

September 1st, 2017

Afimilk's rotary automation solution transforms high-scale goat farms' operations

Farm management software to increase efficiency 

By installing a high-capacity, an automated solution tailored to small ruminants, high-scale goat farms can increase efficiency and streamline their workflow. Choosing the right system is paramount to successful operations as it enables the proper monitoring and maintenance of the animals’ physical condition and fertility, which in turn ensures that feeding, reproduction, and milk production reach optimal levels for profitability.

Based on its successful rotary solution for cows, and with the understanding that the management and production needs in goat farming are unique, Afimilk developed and launched a rotary automation solution especially for sheep and goats just over a year ago.

Increase herd productivity and optimize production

This solution, which also includes the AfiShepard integrated management system, streamlines farming operations to increase herd productivity and optimize production. It facilitates automated milking procedures such as milking cups on the deck that lift from the floor to enable fast rotation and the automatic sorting of animals, with the goal of maintaining animal health and increasing milking efficiency.

At that time of the release, Bos Farm (a goat farm part of Rock Ridge Dairy) had just scaled its goat farming from 700 to 1200 animals and was operating with two parallel 30 stall parlors. With the goal of more efficiently managing the much larger quantity of animals, the farm purchased Afimilk’s 90-stall goat rotary solution; as well as the AfiShepard which captures, manages, and reports performance information to optimize the farm’s operations.

Other features such as the AfiFree Milk Meter, the AfiPass automatic animal ID, and the AfiFeed individual feeding and control system work together to maintain and organize animal event data, ensure accurate milk measuring, and track the production contributions of each individual animal.

The adoption of Afimilk’s solution decreased Bos Farm’s milking time by half!

And the farm’s smooth-running, an automated solution has since gained national recognition in the goat dairy industry.

Watch the video about Bos Farm’s goat farming success for the whole story.

Just a year after it was released, the Afimilk rotary and management software for sheep and goats has already significantly helped to grow, high-scale goat farms to increase profitability and operational efficiency.

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