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It’s all in the Data - Homestead Dairy USA enhances management capabilities with Afimilk

December 15th, 2016

It’s all in the Data - Homestead Dairy USA enhances management capabilities with Afimilk

Starting off as a small family-run business in 1945, Homestead Dairy USA has been passed down over the generations; and has since grown into a commercial dairy farm with about 50 employees and over 3000 cows at 3 different facilities.

Today, Brian Houin — whose father and uncle bought the farm from his grandfather in 1979 — continues to fulfil the farm’s commitment to supply the highest quality products in a sustainable way, while creating a positive impact for its cows, business and the community.

As part of this commitment, Brian is constantly looking for ways to improve the entire milking environment — which led him to install the Afimilk In-line Milk Lab, which includes the Afimilk milk meters and AfiLab Milk Analyzer, at Homestead Dairy Plymouth in the USA.

According to Brian, there were three main reasons for choosing the Afimilk solution:

  • A need to monitor the cows’ milk production on a daily (and even session) basis
  • As the farm had started to artificially inseminate its cows, accurate heat detection was required for better pregnancy rates and shortened calving intervals
  • A desire to manage and improve overall cow health by quickly identifying sick cows to enable more timely intervention and reduce the impact of health issues on milk production

And the system proved itself almost immediately!

From Brian’s perspective, the most valuable contribution is the data provided by the AfiLab Milk Analyzer. With this data at his fingertips, he can make management decisions more easily — and as a result, detect any health problems and nutritional deficits early, achieve better control over milk quality and improve the entire milking environment for precision milking.

Click here to watch video and learn more about how Afimilk translates into big savings for Homestead Dairy USA.

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