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Sophisticated Cow Monitoring

January 17th, 2017

Sophisticated Cow Monitoring

Black House Farm increases profitability with Afimilk Cow Monitoring solution

Black House Farm is spread over 160 hectares and two properties near Herefordshire, in the U.K. Together, Kevin and Sally Whistance run the dairy farm, which is part of a large family business that also includes an animal feed and machinery import operation. Due to the size and diverse nature of their business, Kevin and Sally found they weren’t getting out to the dairy facility as much as they needed in order to effectively monitor their cows.

After looking at different cow monitoring solutions, the Whistances decided to go with Afimilk’s Silent Herdsman Neck Collar. For them, one of the main advantages was its easy integration and compatibility with their existing Interherd system. This and other factors allowed for quick and easy installation in a matter of days; and after just 12 months of using the smart collar and heat-and-health-tracking system, they were able to reduce their calving index from 403 to 390!

Kevin likes how easy it now is for the staff to monitor and track the cows’ heat expression and overall health. As soon as a cow herdsman walks into the office in the morning, he or she has immediate access to a wealth of data using the intuitive dashboard. And more importantly, the system is set up for remote reporting, so Kevin and his staff can receive alerts on their smartphones, even when they are offsite.  

Sally notes how responsive the Afimilk customer support team has been to every concern and question they’ve had along the way. “They’ve either been able to explain what I need to do over the phone,” Sally says, “or I’ve gone online and they’ve actually rectified the problem online!”

Afimilk’s Silent Herdsman cow monitoring neck collar and the system has really made a difference for Black House Farm, for both staff productivity and overall profitability.

Watch video to find out more about why the Whistances would recommend the Afimilk system to all their neighbors.

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