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Remote/On–Site Technical Support


The successful applicant for the position of Remote Technical Support will be required to:

  • Provide technical support to all the Irish and UK areas
  • The position will entail extensive traveling
  • Train our dealers’ technicians to improve their knowledge of Afimilk’s products
  • Transfer technical HW\SW knowledge to our dealers’ support\technical personnel
  • Perform technical SW\HW seminars
  • Special projects\assignments as requested by Regional Sales Manager \Israel HQ



  • Provide technical after-sale support to Afimilk Regional Sales Manager\dealers
  • Provide remote & onsite support according to Regional Sales manager\HQ requirements
  • Follow the correct call escalation process and SLA as set by HQ
  • Provide technical training to Afimilk dealers and dealers’ technicians
  • Provide presale support to Afimilk’s sales personnel and our dealers’\distributor’s sales personnel
  • Improve the level of  cooperation with the sales team and increase sales when possible
  • Participate in Global Support team training and seminars overseas
  • Participate in Global Technical Service activity and Provide technical Support to Customers out of UK and Ireland as needed


Required Expertise and Skills

  • Receive full responsibility for Ireland regional technical support within 6 months from start of employment
  • Qualifications on all Afimilk core products including on site & remote support and technical training.
  • IT\Networking\Windows environment – at least 3 years practical knowledge experience
  • WIFI systems environment – at least 3 years practical knowledge experience (concurrent experience is fine)
  • Customer service orientation
  • Leadership qualities: ability to lead local installation teams
  • Frontal and on-line training skills
  • Highly disciplined, motivated and able to self-manage one’s time\tasks
  • Follow all Afimilk HQ procedures & regulations
  • Extensive traveling
  • Dairy farm working environment - practical knowledge experience would be an advantage

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