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Product Data Analyst


Afimilk is looking for a Senior Product Analyst who is passionate about data and has a strong analytical background.


You will join our Product Team and report in dotted line to the CFO. You will work independently as well as a team member.

Your key goal is to help Afimilk uplift practices of data-driven decision-making: business planning, product decisions, customer success, marketing. You will proactively guide our business growth, based on data analysis and statistical research.


· You will analyze versatile dimensions of sales data and product data to create actionable insights.

· Focus topics include: sales trends, growth drivers, product engagement, usability and impact, product quality and customer success.

· You will conceptualize, create, and maintain dashboards for tracking key metrics, refine and improve metrics definition as the company’s challenges and data evolve.

· You will collaborate with data engineers to better log data and manage the accessibility of data and insights to broad circle of decision makers.

· Strategize on making analyses repeatable and available for generation by other team members

· Close work interfaces with: CFO, VP product, product managers, VP sales, Region managers, IS (information systems), Data Science group, head of Customer Success, Head of Support. 


BA or MA in Business / Economics / Marketing / Industrial Engineering

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