Enter and Exit Animals from Parking

Females are sent to parking for several reasons, such as fattening before slaughter, temporarily removed from the farm and sent for grazing, or those who are not pregnant but whose yield is too low to justify expensive feeding.

Animals sent to parking are no longer included for statistical analysis in fertility reports and gynecological and reproduction data. Until they return to regular status.

Note: Make sure to continue updating the pregnant and calving status of parked animals, when relevant. These events do not remove her from parking.

Animals in parking appear on the Status Distribution report, and they only appear on the vet visit report for first and second Dam Vaccinations.

To send animals to parking

  1. In the Shortcuts pane, click Data Entry.

  1. Scroll down, then click Entry to Parking, then click Add.

  2. Select the relevant animals, then click OK.

  3. Adjust the Date and Time as required.

  4. Set the parking group number and add a comment (optional).

  5. Select the Remove Tag check box if all the tags were removed from the animals, then click Save.

To remove animals from parking

  1. In the Shortcuts pane, click Data Entry.

  2. Scroll down, then click Exit from Parking, then click Add.

  3. Select the animals to exit from parking, then click OK.

  4. Set the exit details.

    Note: Individually add the tag numbers to each animal by clicking the Cow number in the table, then adding the new tag number in the Tag field.

  5. Click Save.