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Afi-Sheep/Goat - Fertility under control

Controlling fertility in sheep/goat herds means controlling lactation intervals, average lactation production and meat production (lambing). In larger herds, farmers must supervise and service all animals. Herdsmen who do not maintain thorough follow-up and control of fertility events and treatments may jeopardize farm profitability.

Meticulous registration of every event and treatment is necessary to achieve control over the fertility of sheep/goat herds. The Afi2Go – AfiShepherd hand-held event registration device records events while animals are checked, creating a reliable comprehensive database. This database is then used by AfiShepherd to control lactation events, predict intervals and support herdsmen’s daily decisions.

Different aspects of fertility:

  • Hormone-CIDER application – follow-ups
  • Pregnancy checks – for re-applying CIDER to open animals and reporting expected number of embryos
  • Counting rams/bucks per groups of females for associating fathers with newborns, creating pedigrees and assigning future mates
  • The dry off period is important for preventing lambing difficulties as well as post-lambing metabolic problems. AfiShepherd estimates expected lambing dates, thus allowing herdsmen to dry pregnant animals, granting them the necessary dry period.
  • Lambing/kidding registration, number of offspring per mother – information used for pedigree follow-up and for scoring mothers prolific value

Fertility events are managed according to a knowledge base created by the system. This ensures that pregnancies are under control and herdsmen are aware of all animals that fail to get pregnant. It also enables managers to control lactation intervals for maximizing profits.