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Afi-Sheep/Goat for improving herd health

Small ruminant herd health is managed at three levels:

  • Prevention –  a scheduled vaccination program along with maintenance and sanitation to prevent cross-contamination at the rest area and during milking
  • Treatment – of individual animals with health issues
  • Selection – by culling individual animals with clinical problems that endanger other animals

AfiSheep/Goat systems assist in managing all aspects of herd health.

Afi2Go’s "registration on the process" function enables the listing of vaccinated animals. Ear (or bolus) tags are scanned as animals are vaccinated, creating verification lists. The system can then automatically time and send alerts for the next scheduled vaccination.

Early detection and treatment of udder inflammation is an important factor in minimizing recovery time. AfiFree's measurements of yield, milk conductivity and milking time are used to indicate mastitis at its early stages.

Typically, by following up individual animal health issues, farmers can pinpoint specific sheep and goats with acute problems. Udder and other health issues influencing production can endanger animals in the herd. Therefore, identifying and separating sick animals is a potent preventive measure.

Herdsmen who adopt the modern management techniques of early detection, follow-up, and decision-making based on reliable information can expect dramatic improvement in herd health, reduction of damages caused by diseases and an overall increase in herd value.