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Afi-Sheep/Goat - Your way to improve sheep/goat herd profitability

One of the greatest challenges in managing small ruminant dairy herds is maintaining a high productivity level. It is unfeasible for herdsmen to track and monitor individual animals in large herds. As a result, numerous animals that maintain poor productivity and fertility are kept in the herd. As consequence, the herd does not reach its fertility and production potential.

The key to improving milk production and mutton in small ruminant dairy herds is maintaining a sound, reliable culling policy, under which only productive animals remain in the herd. Such management requires performance analysis at the individual animal level, which points out candidates for culling.

AfiSheep/Goat helps perform these tasks, from data collection to decision-making. An automated database and analysis systemAfiSheep/Goat automatically collects milking data from each animal during milking. This information is analyzed and presented in an array of farming domain reports.

These reports are used for:

  • Culling by production – Information about the milk production of each animal makes it easy to cull low-value animals, thus improving the overall production of the herd.
  • Monitoring health – Milk meter measurements indicate health problems in individual animals. This allows treatment of sick animals and removal of those endangering others in the herd. Milk yield data is supplemented by information from other sources such as lambing and fertility events to form a comprehensive database for each animal in the herd.

This database and the reports it supports allow for follow-up on numerous aspects of farm management, including:

  • fertility and pregnancy status
  • lambing and production of mutton
  • genetic improvement

Our proven success

Our customers report an average improvement of 30% in milk production for the entire herd during the first year of AfiSheep/Goat use. This is achieved by maintaining only profitable animals in the herd and treating health problems.

Other AfiSheep/Goat management aids such as the automated Sort gate, Afi2Go - the hand-held event reporting device, and AfiFree - the milking point controller and milk meter, add another dimension to herd management and labor reduction.

The success of this approach lies in enhanced genetic potential, together with improvements to nutrition, milking and breeding policies.