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  • Afimilk Cockpit Afimilk Cockpit

    Nov 8th, 2018

    Afimilk Cockpit  - the most important farm performance indicators at the tip of your fingers.

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  • Dealer seminarDealer seminar

    Nov 4th, 2018

    On 29 October - 1 November Afimilk is holding a meeting of the dealers from Russia and Belorusia. The participants are getting aquintend with new Afimilk developments.

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  • Participation in the exhibition Belagro - 2018Participation in the exhibition Belagro - 2018

    Jun 13th, 2018

    For the first time, company AfiMilk took part in the largest international exhibition in Belarus, Belagro, as an exhibitor.

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  • Training Seminar on AfiFarm and SELEX Programs  for Advanced UsersTraining Seminar on AfiFarm and SELEX Programs for Advanced Users

    Apr 30th, 2018

    From 10th to 13th of April 2018, at the Regional Center for Information Support of Livestock Breeding in the Leningrad Region "PLINOR" there had held a training seminar on working with the programs organized by AfiMilk (Israel) and PLINOR LLC.

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  • Real-Time Automatic System for Detecting Calving in Dairy CowsReal-Time Automatic System for Detecting Calving in Dairy Cows

    Apr 4th, 2018

    Calving is a crucial event in a productive cows' life cycle and has a significant influence on herd profitability and cow's welfare. Calving detection is a key factor to ensure successful calving with minimal harm to the calf and the cow. It is used to decide if intervention is needed when to move a cow to a maternity pen and to obtain a proper colostrum administration soon afterward. An automatic monitoring system to detect the onset of parturition could contribute to reduce calves morbidity and mortality and ensure better performance in the consequent lactation.

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  • Afimilk – the Heart of the Dairy FarmAfimilk – the Heart of the Dairy Farm

    Mar 22nd, 2018

    A new commercial dairy farm for 400 cows was opened in the village of Uyo-Dokja of the Vavozhsky District of the Udmurt Republic

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