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Afimilk Calving Alert Service has been Awarded in Three Competitions

January 17th, 2017

Afimilk Calving Alert Service, the innovative calving detection solution, has been awarded in three different competitions worldwide:

  • Dairy Herd Management announced the top 10 products in the 2016 Dairy Herd Management Innovation Awards at World Dairy Expo. The Dairy Herd Management Innovation Awards recognize the best of the best in new products that will be game changers for dairy producers in the areas of efficiency, functionality and technology.
  • World AG Expo announced the top 10 new winning products at Tulare, CA, USA
  • AgroFarm team has announced the aworded Best Scientific Development at AgroFarm 2017, Moscow, Russia. Best Scientific Development Award is given for scientific developments that contain fundamentally new features and are distinguished by their uniqueness, innovativeness and suitability for putting into practice. 

AfiAct II’s calving alert service is using 24/7 cow behavior monitoring analyzed by advanced algorithms implemented in the AfiFarm management software. As a result, it provides alerts with high accuracy (typically, the actual calving takes place within 4 hours from the received alert). Although in some cases a calving event can be missed, a false alarm is extremely rare (under 10%). The timeline for the system's alerts is as follows:

  1. First alerts – Alerts the farmer to when calving is about to start. He or she can then prepare by moving the expecting cow to the calving area. High risk calving, such as twins or cows that are inducted, is noted in order to arrange for special care.
  2. Second alerts – Alerts the farmer to prolonged calving and the risk of dystocia to determine whether intervention is needed. Preparing early for intervention may save both the calf and the cow.
  3. After calving – The newborn calf must now be moved to a safe environment and fed with colostrum milk. The cow must be taken care of as well.

For more details please download the AfiAct II Calving Alert Service Solution Note - Better management of calving – a matter of life or death.


Afimilk Calving Alert Service has been Awarded in Three Competitions