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Afimilk Wins Dairy Herd Management Innovation Award at World Dairy Expo

October 2nd, 2014

Madison, WI, USA (October 1st, 2014)

Afimilk has been awarded the Dairy Herd Management Innovation Award 2014 at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin. The award was presented to the company in recognition of its innovation, AfiMilk MCS.

Afimilk MCS (Real-Time Milk Classification Service) is a breakthrough solution for enhancing milk value. By classifying milk at the dairy farm, according to its constituents and characteristics (i.e. fat, protein, coagulation properties), Afimilk MCS significantly increases cheese production yields by up to 15% and streamlines operations and logistics.

Based on Afimilk’s unique, patented technologies, Afimilk MCS analyzes each pulse of milk – at the milking stall – in real time, by its coagulation properties, and channels it to designated bulk tanks on the farm. The result: milk for making cheese is separated from milk for fermented and other fluid milk products.

“For the first time, AfiMilk MCS allows milk processors and dairies to benefit from optimized milk channeling at the farm," said Yuval Sovinsky, Afimilk VP Marketing & Business Development. "AfiMilk MCS has already been tested by milk processors in industrial environment trials that validated its value. Moreover, industrial pilots yielded additional benefits such as shorter clotting time, longer pre-processing storage time and greater customer satisfaction with cheese quality.”

The unique method relies on optical observation only, and on milk channeling. It does not manipulate, modify, heat or add new ingredients to the milk.

About Afimilk

Afimilk has provided dairy producers the technology and knowledge to profitably produce high-quality milk for almost 40 years. Based on its creativity and proven expertise, the company continues to lead the dairy industry.  By advancing technology and introducing innovations, Afimilk meets the dairy sector’s changing needs, and with systems installed in over 50 countries, the company stands at the forefront of management software and sensors. 

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