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An Impressive Start for TianNing Dairy Farm

July 13th, 2014

Afimilk planned, supervised and equipped project - up and running in China

Afikim, Israel

TianNing farm, a new dairy project in China’s Ningxia province is off to an impressive start. Designed was coordinated by Afimilk and equipped with Afimilk’s milking system and herd management system, the farm was planned to house 6,000 cows and 4,000 heifers.


The results have been striking: presently, more than 3,000 cows are in milk – their first lactation – and daily average production is 30 kg milk/cow. Yearly milk production is over 9,400 liters/cow.

The Afimilk milking system is working flawlessly, while AfiFarm software provides all information required for effective herd management: heat detection, scheduling veterinary visits, preventive health monitoring, etc.

At the same time, TianNing’s managers have attended a two-month course in Israel on advanced dairy farming. Planned and organized by Afimilk, the course focused on AfiFarm herd management software, and subjects including management of large herds, large dairy farm organization, milking practices, nutrition and fertility.

"The new dairy farm in China is rising rapidly with the help of Afimilk’s system and the company’s professional support", said Mr. Feirui, General Manager of the TianNing Company.

As Afimilk’s experience proves that close professional supervision and continuous training yield good results in such projects, an Israeli consultant and one Afimilk-trained assistant remain on-site, at the farm.

Ningxia province, in north-central China has a continental, semi-arid climate, suitable for dairy farming. Conditions here are appropriate for growing good quality forage, corn silage and alfalfa.

Not surprisingly, the project’s underwriter, Chongqing (TianNing) Agriculture Investment Co., is currently seeking to replicate this project in other Chinese provinces.


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