Why Afimilk?


Afimilk provides the dairy industry with outstanding, innovative technological solutions for farm management and profitable production of high quality milk.

The company couples pioneering spirit and creative thinking with proven expertise in all areas of dairy farming. The result: bold technological leaps and dramatic improvements that meet the changing needs of milk producers worldwide.

Our Products

Afimilk products provide accurate information and unique milk analysis. They are the only tools available that improve performance and maximize efficiency, leading to high quality milk and increased dairy profits.

Our Reputation

Afimilk, with its innovations, broad knowledge and experience, is known worldwide for its ability to raise milk production and generate successful customers. In fact, the company has thrust Israel’s dairy industry to the forefront of milk producers globally. 

In China, for example, Afimilk has participated in the following projects:

Sino-Israeli Demonstration Dairy Farm - In 2001, average milk production was 7,000 kg per cow per year. By 2010, production had risen to an average 11,600 kg per cow per year.

TianNing Project - Started in May 2013, this project already boasted more than  3,000 cows in milk (first lactation) by the end of October 2013. The daily average production was 30 kg milk per cow, with 4.01% fat, 3.08% protein and 200,000 SCC. The average body condition scoring at calving was 3.4, which dropped to 3.15 at the peak of lactation. Conception rate at service has been 46.1%.

Our People

Afimilk leads in customer service, field presence, professional know-how, and perhaps most importantly, in caring for its customers. The company maintains a network of distributors throughout the world, and offers technical and general support, as well as additional dairy farm consulting wherever it is needed.

With a truly global presence, Afimilk provides products and expert consultation in more than 50 countries on five continents. The company is particularly active in developing nations. Delivering specialized assistance in all aspects of dairy farming, Afimilk is committed to professional service, expert applications and extensive dairy farm knowhow.

Our Projects

Afimilk design, deliver and manage dairy farms around the world. Afimilk has demonstrated an outstanding professional level and has developed and provided creative solutions for the different units included in dairy projects.
For more details visit our website at www.afimilkprojects.com or watch the movie.