Afimilk Cookies Policy
Afimilk Cookie政策

Last updated : January 15, 2024

上次更新时间:1月 15, 2024

This policy provides information about how and when we use cookies and similar technologies (collectively: “Tracking Technologies”). Unless expressly defined herein, the definitions of Capitalized terms used in this policy are set forth in our Privacy Policy, which also includes details about how we collect and use information.


Visiting or using our Website or services with your browser settings adjusted to accept cookies tells us that you consent to our use of cookies and other technologies to provide you with our services. Please take the time to read this policy, which complements and complies with our general privacy policy. If you have questions or comments, you are welcome to contact us at: .


What are Cookies?

“Cookies” are small data files that we store on your computer or device. Cookies are widely used to make websites work more efficiently, recognize your browser or device, improve your user experience, customize features and advertising, and provide reporting information about your use of our services. Learn more about cookies by visiting

“Cookie”是我们存储在您的计算机或设备上的小型数据文件。Cookie被广泛用于提高网站的工作效率、识别您的浏览器或设备、改善您的用户体验、定制功能和广告、并提供有关您使用我们服务的报告信息。访问 了解更多关于cookie的信息。

You can configure your desktop or mobile browser’s settings to reflect your preference to accept or reject cookies, including how to handle third-party cookies (see the “Can I Manage my Tracking Technologies Preferences?” section below).


In addition to cookies, we use other similar technologies that can also be found on the Internet, in mobile sites, or in applications. Web beacons, browser storage and plugins, and other technologies often work in conjunction with cookies, and may store small amounts of data on your device.


How We Use Cookies

Afimilk uses cookies for several reasons, including but not limited to protecting your data and account, helping us understand the popular features, counting visitors to a page, improving our users’ experiences, keeping our services secure, and just generally providing you with a better, more intuitive, and satisfying experience. 


What Cookies We Use

We use various types of cookies on our Website, including:


  • Session cookies – disappear when you log out and close your browser;
  • 会话cookie在您注销并关闭浏览器时消失;
  • Persistent cookies – remain on your device until you or your browser deletes them or until they expire.  Users can delete previously set persistent cookies manually or configure the browser settings to delete cookies;
  • 持久cookie保留在您的设备上,直到您或您的浏览器将其删除或过期。用户可以手动删除之前设置的持久cookie,也可以配置浏览器设置删除cookie
  • First-party cookies – are associated with the domain you are visiting; and;
  • 第一方cookie与您访问的域相关;和
  • Third-party cookies – are associated with a different domain other than the one you are visiting. For the purpose of this policy, these are cookies that are set by our service providers, such as Google Analytics.
  • 第三方cookie与您访问的域以外的其他域关联。就本政策而言,这些cookie是由我们的服务提供商(如谷歌分析)设置的。

What are ‘Similar Technologies’?

  • Functions usually performed by a cookie can be achieved by other means. This could include, for example, using certain characteristics to identify devices so that visits to a website can be analyzed.
  • 通常由cookie执行的功能可以通过其他方式实现。例如,这可能包括使用某些特征来识别设备,以便分析对网站的访问。
  • Any technology that stores or accesses information on your device is relevant for this purpose, and therefore it includes, for example, HTML5 local storage, Local Shared Objects.
  • 任何在您的设备上存储或访问信息的技术都与此相关,因此,它包括例如HTML5本地存储、本地共享对象。
  • Additionally, technologies like use of log files, scripts, tracking pixels and plugins, wherever these are used – are also considered as similar technologies. 
  • 此外,日志文件、脚本、跟踪像素和插件的使用等技术,无论在哪里使用,也被视为类似技术。

How do we Use Tracking Technologies and for What Purposes?

  • We use both Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies as part of your experience on the Website so that we can facilitate the use of the Website’s features and tools, keep track of your preferences, improve your experience with our Website, for web analytics and for marketing purposes.
  • 我们使用会话Cookie和持久Cookie作为您在网站上体验的一部分,以便我们能够促进网站功能和工具的使用、跟踪您的偏好、改善您对我们网站的体验、用于网络分析和营销目的。
  • Some cookies are strictly essential for the operation of the Website while other cookies help to improve our services and marketing activities. The same rule goes for all Tracking Technologies that we use.
  • 一些cookie对网站的运营至关重要,而其他cookie则有助于改善我们的服务和营销活动。同样的规则适用于我们使用的所有追踪技术。
  • When a Tracking Technology contains personal data, then our general privacy policy applies as well.
  • 当追踪技术包含个人数据时,我们的通用隐私政策也同时适用。

Does Afimilk Need to Obtain my Consent for Using Tracking Technologies?

Yes, however only with respect to the Tracking Technologies that are not strictly essential for the operation of the Website. 


If you do not agree to accept our cookies or other Tracking Technologies that are not strictly essential for the operation of the Website, you can manage your tracking technologies preferences as described below.


Can I Manage my Tracking Technologies Preferences?

Yes, through the Website’s cookie management tool. 


In addition, every browser allows you to manage your Tracking Technologies preferences, usually found in the “Help” or “Settings” sections of the web browser.


Here are some links to Tracking Technologies preferences management for some commonly used web browsers: (a) Google Chrome; (b) Microsoft Edge; (c) Mozilla Firefox; (d) Microsoft Internet Explorer; (e) Opera; (f) Apple Safari.

以下是一些常用网络浏览器的追踪技术偏好管理链接:(a)谷歌Chrome;(b)微软Edge;(c)火狐;(d)微软Internet Explorer;(e)Opera;(f)苹果Safari。 

You can turn off certain third party targeting or advertising cookies by visiting the following link: Network Advertising Initiative.


To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set, you can visit the following websites:

要了解有关cookie的更多信息,包括如何查看已设置的cookie,您可访问以下网站: and

www.aboutcookies.orgwww.allaboutcookies 网站。

Changes to this policy

If you have disabled one or more cookies, we may still use information collected from cookies prior to your disabled preference being set, however, we will stop using the disabled cookie to collect any further information.


We may amend this Cookie Policy from time to time. The use of the information we collect now is subject to the Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy in effect at the time such information is used. If we make material changes in the way we collect, use, and/or share information held in cookies, we will notify you by posting an announcement through the applicable services, and obtain your consent once again. We encourage you to regularly review this page for any updates to our Cookie Policy as well as our Privacy Policy.