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4 Reasons to choose Afimilk


Improved herd health

Afimilk system proactively detects and facilitates early diagnosis and treatment of mastitis, ketosis, feed deficiencies, and provides critical alerts such as calving difficulties.


Reduced farm labor

Afimilk management tools enhance automated processes and decrease the need for farm labor. For example: Accurate heat detection that replaces observations and tail chalking, milk meters that aid in milking automation and sort gates that enable efficient and scalable cows treatment.


Increased profitability

Boosting herd fertility, improving herd health, optimizing milking process,  increase of milk solids herd planning and genetics. 


Higher pregnancy rate

Afimilk cow monitoring tools provide timely and accurate heat detection for improving herd fertility and optimized lactation intervals

Farmers stories

Meet successful afimilk users

The Afimilk herd management system has greatly increased the profitability of this farm and moving forward I'd never install a shed without it.
Mark Brown from Autaki Trust, NZ
Fat and protein information from AfiLab allows you to have higher peaks and overall better health in your herd.
Brian Houin from Homestead Dairy, USA
Especially if things are happening at night, we can get to a problematic birth, and more than once, save the cow and the calf.
AfiAct II Calving Alert Service


Advanced management system

AfirFarm 5.3 logo

The most advanced and user-friendly dairy farm management software has just become even better. The new 5.3 version comes with a whole set of new capabilities.


Smart herd management is now mobile

Afi2Go Pro logo

The Afi2Go Pro mobile app enables real-time herd monitoring and management from any location with internet connection for maximum flexibility.


Healthier, better performing cows with

New from Afimilk: The AfiCollar that will help you detect cows in heat and monitor rumination and health issues among herds – remotely, 24/7.
Yet another great herd management solution by Afimilk.


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