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How it works?

The Today Dashboard can be opened from any device connected to the internet. It provides farm managers with a snapshot of all important tasks, current issues, or events that require attention. It also provides a user-friendly overview of recent yield performance, compared to the previous day. This is an easy way to determine trends and intervene, if necessary.

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All farm parameters measured


Your dashboard will help you monitor the following tasks and issues

  • Insemination
  • Health issues (mastitis, ketosis, fresh, digestion, cows to inspect)
  • Suspected abortion
  • To dry off
  • Due calving
  • Anestrus
  • Pregnancy check


  • Wrong groups
  • Not identified in parlor
  • Unassigned tags


  • Group comfort
  • Nutrition alerts

Milk Production

  • Day
  • Session
  • 24hr avg milk/ cow
  • Fat
  • Protein

View milking progress by last session or last 24 hours.

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