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Afimilk’s cow monitoring solutions will help you save time, maintain herd health, and increase profits.


The Leading Cow Leg Sensor

Heat Detection, Animal Identification, Calving Alert,
Rest,  Well Being.

Accurate Heat Detection, 24/7

AfiAct II increases your herd’s pregnancy rate by providing accurate and time-sensitive heat detection. It identifies cows for insemination, and the ideal time to inseminate them.


Superior Animal ID

Afimilk utilizes sophisticated antenna technology that allows the same tag to function as an effective, accurate tool for cow identification in the milking parlor and at the sorting gate.

Calving Alerts

Receive alerts at the start of calving, and when prolonged calving occurs. Use these to provide timely interventions that prevent complications and calf mortality.

Monitor Rest, Health,
and Group Wellbeing

Identify health problems and group well-being issues such as overcrowding, poor bedding, excess group activity, or any other factors that disturb the animals’ comfort and can impact their production.

Features and Capabilities

Accurate Heat Detection:

Smart technology for heat detection and fertility management

Our AfiAct II solution improves your pregnancy rate with its accurate heat detection sensor:

  • Sensitive: Consistently exceeds detection benchmark tests.
  • Proven: Validated by animals and farms in 50+ countries.
  • Smart: Unique algorithms developed and tested specifically for heifers and cows in open barns, free-stalls, and grazing regimes.
    Our smart management system helps you optimize work routines, and adapt versatile farm practices.
  • Efficient: Filters save labor by removing animals following group changes, pregnancy checks, and hoof-trimming to avoid false alerts.
  • Flexible: Adapts to versatile work protocols, such as multiple breeding/single breeding, ov-sync, and more…
Accurate Heat Detection

Reliable and Durable

Leverage 40 years of experience and development

Mechanical design made to last

Purchase AfiAct II to take advantage of more than 40 year’s experience in designing and supplying premium leg sensors to millions of animals in a vast array of farm types. AfiAct II’s solid mechanical design will weather the harshest farm conditions.

Electronic design with cutting edge technology

AfiAct II leg tag contains sophisticated motion detectors, designed to optimize the performance of the sensors, antenna communication, and remote reading.

24/7 Wireless Reading Tag

Monitor your animals wherever they are located

AfiAct II tags maximize your management range by connecting to the farm’s WiFi. This system reads the tags every few minutes and sends the information to your AfiFarm. As a result, you always have the latest data about each cow, wherever they are located. It also means you no longer have to bring the animals to the Reading station to achieve this.

Heat detection: Access to updated information enables you to improve pregnancy rates by providing you with an accurate heat detection list. This way, you know exactly which cows to inseminate, and when.

AfiAct II is a powerful tool to optimize insemination timing for each animal, improve the conception chances, and increase the farm’s pregnancy rate.

Afi2Go Pro logo

A focused mobile app for the mobile manager

Take your office to the field by using the Afi2Go Pro mobile app. The mobile app enables you to do the following tasks on site:

  • Search Animal Data: Simply type in the animal number or use the RFID (Bluetooth) wand to open the Cow ID card.
  • Browse lists: View Animals for insemination, sick animals, sorted, or vet events (planned treatment).
  • Make decisions: Sort, assign codes, assign tags, move groups,  change status, monitor calving, manage insemination, and define treatments through the Afi2Go Pro mobile app.

Stay Alert! Farm Notifications Mobile App

Time sensitive events are now sent directly into your smartphone and displayed as splash notifications. They are available, at all times, in your farm-notification inbox.

Animal Wellbeing

Monitor resting time, health and comfort

A rested, comfortable cow is a productive cow. Research shows that 1 lost hour of resting time, equates to a loss of 1.7kg/2.2 lb of milk in the tank! Use AfiAct II tags along with AfiFarm software to monitor cow wellbeing, and receive alerts for the following:

  • Detect sick animals – be informed of animals that may be ill.
  • Group Welfare index – be informed of which groups are restless.
  • Overcrowding – know when groups are affected by overcrowding issues.
  • Bedding Quality – be informed when a group’s comfort is compromised.
  • Group changes alerts – be informed when group changes are causing restless behavior in the group.

Calving Alert Service

Calving alerts increase intervention effectiveness and help reduce mortality rates

Being able to determine calving time can often prevent the death of calves and cows.

The AfiAct II Calving Alert Service sends notifications directly to your smartphone just before calving starts. Alerts are also sent in cases of prolonged calving, which may require intervention.

  • Successful – already used and proven on large-scale farms, and in in hundreds of farms in more than 50 countries.
  • Time sensitive – AfiAct II Calving Alert Service is the only available tool that provides alerts less than 4 hours before calving, and in instances of prolonged calving.
  • Accessible – All you need is a smartphone! Notifications will arrive directly into your Farm Notification inbox, using Afimilk iOS or Android app.

Animal ID

Accurate Animal ID in the milking parlor and at the sorting gate

To achieve effective herd management you need optimal sensors along with the reliable identification of animals being milked, sorted, or fed at automated feeders.

Afimilk’s unique technology for electronic identification of animals is accurate and comprehensive, with AfiAct II leg tags, no additional tags are needed.

AfiFarm provides stall antennas that are suitable for any farm and any parlor.

Automation and Management

Accurate identification in the milking parlor and at the sorting gate

AfiAct II is a reliable tool for measuring animal behavior. It works together with AfiFarm software for farm management and automation. Below are some of the benefits of this collusion:

  • Cow ID in the milking parlor and at the sort gate
    AfiAct II provides accurate ID rates in the parlor and sort gate.
  • Smart monitoring tools
    AfiFarm analyzes the animals’ behavior data (provided by AfiAct II), in conjunction with its yield and milk composition (Milk Meter and AfiLab).
  • Great heat detection and management tools
    AfiFarm brings the management tools you need to make decisions that improve your farm’s fertility rates, monitor the impact of decisions, and execute tasks.
  • Find animals for attention and sort them
    AfiAct II will help you detect animals for insemination, and check/treat other animals as required. AfiFarm will help you sort them to the correct pen, at the designated times.
  • Single software – heat detection, herd management, milk recording, and parlor automation all achieved using a single software package.

And more….


Advanced Neck Collar for Cow Monitoring

Benefits include:

  • Accurate heat detection.
  • Accurate rumination and eating time data.
  • Individual cow health alerts.
  • Group digestion alerts.
  • 24/7 wireless detection and management.

Accurate Heat Detection, 24/7

Identify cows for timely insemination.

AfiCollar provides accurate and time-sensitive heat detection data for improving your herd’s pregnancy rate. Use AfiCollar to identify which cows to inseminate and the best time for insemination. AfiCollar heat detection is also ideal for grazing cows.

Accurate Health Monitoring

Accurate rumination and eating patterns are used as indications of each cow’s health. Receive health alerts when cows stray from their patterns. The alerts detail the changes and possible causes.

Rumination and Eating

AfiCollar measures animal behavior (rumination, eating, and motion). This information is translated by AfiFarm to provide updated, round-the-clock monitoring and warnings for groups, and individual cows.

Group Digestion Monitoring

Using the data provided by AfiCollars, AfiFarm’s smart technology learns the rumination and eating patterns of the herd. Group digestion alerts are provided when changes to these patterns occur at a group level.

Milk Sensors Integration

AfiCollar works together with Afimilk’s AfiLab to provide accurate data on the quality of each cow’s milk, and their individual health. This data is used to provide early detection and alerts of health issues, such as ketosis.

Key Data at Your Fingertips

Intuitive mobile app for effective herd management from any location.
Afi2Go Pro mobile app benefits:
  • Retrieve animal status, events and more.
  • Search for an animal by typing her number or swiping your mobile phone over the AfiCollar sensor.
  • Assign tags or codes out in the fields or sheds.
  • Manage cows for inseminations and treatments.
  • Sort cows.
All from your mobile device

Features and Capabilities

Accurate heat detection

AfiCollar provides accurate heat detection for cows and heifers raised in closed barns or pasture grazing. It is used to manage:

  • Animals for insemination.
  • Best timing for insemination.
  • Anestrus cows.
  • Suspected abortion.
  • Ovulation cycles.

Unique tool for health monitoring

Combines all data (rumination and eating times; milk yield and conductivity; fat,protein, and lactose) to provide an accurate health indication of each cow. It also raises alerts to the following issues:

  • Mastitis,
  • Ketosis,
  • Fresh cow sickness,
  • Non-specific health issue.

Cutting-edge software for herd monitoring and management

Use AfiFarm to monitor your herd’s status and performance in a glance. The information provided by AfiFarm empowers you to make critical decisions quickly, for effective farm management.

The ABC dashboard delivers the most important data in a clear, accessible approach. It also integrates various Afimilk systems and tools to provide a comprehensive overview of cow and herd yield and health.

Durable battery that will last the cow’s lifetime

Sophisticated electronic design with a high energy battery ensures extended collar performance (extended warranty period can be purchased).

Materials that are made to last

Created using durable, quality materials, the collar is designed to withstand impact and other harsh farm conditions, including extreme temperatures and precipitation.

Afi2Go Pro – your herd is always in reach

Afi2Go Pro mobile application allows you to access the data of any cow, access lists, sort cows, and add events easily and quickly.

NFC identification

Near Field Communication is embedded inside the collars, so you can use your smartphone to read the ID.

Wireless technology makes the system easy to set up and operate

  • 24/7, wireless reading – collar sensors are read every few minutes thanks to wireless technology and sophisticated antennas.
  • Wireless connection to the PC –  the Reader (which reads the collars in the barn) does not need to be wired to the controller. Therefore, you can place the controller where you feel is best!
  • Extended range – extended reader coverage of up to 800m/0.5mi allows you to cover your farm using a minimal number of Readers.

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