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Access critical data, real time notifications, trend analysis, and mobile applications for improved farm management.

Afi2Go Prime
farm management with AfiCloud
AfiFarm 5.5

Herd Management Software

Intuitive and powerful!

AfiFarm 5.5 for effective management of animal inventory, problem detection (like sick animal or wrong group) and intervention, milking, health and fertility monitoring.

Main Features
Milk Monitoring
Insemination &
Fertility Alerts
Afi2go prime
It’s time for farms to go paperless

Herdsmen, inseminators, and vets can access task lists and cow cards, and record all actions directly via the app on their mobiles. Managers can use the app to monitor workers’ progress and the farm status,  displayed on the dashboard

Herd management app

Elevate your farm management with Afi.Cloud

Afi.Cloud Backup keeps your data intact, even in a catastrophe. 

Afimilk Cockpit provides visual KPIs (key performance indicators) of top priority topics – fertility management, health, and production.

TODAY dashboard provides visual cues on that spotlights the current status of the farm’s key management aspects (milking, tasks, and problems).

Main Features of our Dairy Herd Management App


Comprehensive Analysis And Management

Accurately detect the start of heat signs
Calculate the ideal insemination timing
Analyze cow performance



Smart monitoring at group levels provides early indications when there's a problem with the environment

Heat stress
Issues with food
Comfort/bedding issues


Intelligent Health Detection And Group Alerting

Delivers comprehensive health management and receives alerts for timely intervention

Fresh cows’ diseases
Digestion problems
Early detection of critical health issues


Milk Production

Production Data Keeps You in Control

Monitor milking times and flow rates
Follow the status of milking session progress and groups

Get access to more data, more farm trend analysis, and get to know your cows even better.

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Automated cow monitoring system

Automated Monitoring of Dairy Cows’

Automatically monitored behavioral (feeding and locomotor) irregularities of Israeli Holstein cows were investigated in three dairies in relation to animals’ health status and stress conditions. Feeding behavior patterns were analyzed on the base of automatic on-line recording of feeding events. Indices of feeding behavior irregularities were proposed.
Long lasted feeding behavior irregularities were accompanied by poor health related parameters: higher milk Somatic Cells Count and conductivity, greater body condition loss toward first insemination, and increased cooling rate.

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Put your cows on auto control

Put your cows on auto control

The system makes it possible to take care of each cow individually, even if it is part of a very large herd. As a matter of fact, the larger the herd, the sooner the system will be able to “pay for itself”. The Afimilk dairy management system is a product of SAE Afikim, a company that has specialized in computerized systems for the modern dairy farm for the past 30 years.

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