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Harness the power of the cloud to analyze, operate, and plan your dairy production.

Start by expanding your management toolkit beyond daily operations.
Make more educated decisions and boost performance based on objective data and advanced analytics with Afi.Cloud applications.
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Ready to become a farm-pilot?

Afimilk Cockpit will help you analyze the past, have a clear picture of the present, and plan for the future. Understanding your farm’s past and current performance is imperative to setting new goals and achieving them. Use the Cockpit as a routine tool to monitor and evaluate how well your farm is performing compared to the industry standards, or your specific goals. This information empowers you to take practical steps to improve operations in the most important areas.


Take your cows with you - wherever you are!

With Today’s Dashboard, you will feel the pulse of your farm from the comfort of your couch, from your office or while you’re out in the field. This visual dashboard is accessible via any smartphone providing a visual status of what’s happening on the farm right now! Effective management of dairy farms requires round-the-clock monitoring. That’s why access to important data, from any location and at any time, is imperative for making informed, real-time decisions.


AfiFarm disaster recovery

Use online cloud storage for automatic AfiFarm backups. To restore backed up data, all you need is AfiFarm with internet access.


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Automated cow monitoring system

Automated Monitoring of Dairy Cows’

Automatically monitored behavioral (feeding and locomotor) irregularities of Israeli Holstein cows were investigated in three dairies in relation to animals’ health status and stress conditions. Feeding behavior patterns were analyzed on the base of automatic on-line recording of feeding events. Indices of feeding behavior irregularities were proposed.
Long lasted feeding behavior irregularities were accompanied by poor health related parameters: higher milk Somatic Cells Count and conductivity, greater body condition loss toward first insemination, and increased cooling rate.

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Put your cows on auto control

Put your cows on auto control

The system makes it possible to take care of each cow individually, even if it is part of a very large herd. As a matter of fact, the larger the herd, the sooner the system will be able to “pay for itself”. The Afimilk dairy management system is a product of SAE Afikim, a company that has specialized in computerized systems for the modern dairy farm for the past 30 years.

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