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Afimilk's cow monitoring solutions will help you save time, keep your herd healthy, and increase your profits.

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The Most Advanced Cow Leg Sensor

Best Heat Detection, Best ID, Calving Alert, Rest and Wellbeing, Lameness Detection.

Best Heat Detection, 24/7

AfiAct II is a solution for improving your herd’s pregnancy rate with accurate and time sensitive heat detection. It helps identify which cows should be inseminated, and when.

Best Animal ID

Using Afimilk’s proprietary active antenna technology, the same tag also functions as a powerful tool for accurate cow identification in the milking parlor and at the sorting gate.

Calving Alerts

Get timely alerts on the start of calving. Be notified of prolonged calving to enable your intervention and prevent both complications and calf mortality.

Monitor Rest, Health,
and Group Wellbeing

This is a powerful tool that helps you identify health problems, as well as group wellbeing issues such as overcrowding, poor bedding, or excess group movements that disturb the animals’ comfort and production.

Detection of Lameness


New from Afimilk! Lameness is one of the top 3 most expensive health issues on farms. Soon, AfiAct II will achieve early detection of many of the lame animals, and improve their management.

How it works and what makes us better

Best Heat Detection

Best Heat Detection:
Most advanced algorithms for heat detection
The smartest fertility management software

AfiAct II solution helps you improve your pregnancy rate with the most accurate heat detection sensor yet:

  • Most sensitive: Consistently wining in detection benchmark tests
  • Most reliable: Extremely rare false alarms, despite the high quality detection
  • Proven: Validated with millions of animals, in 50 countries
  • Unique algorithms developed and tested specifically for Heifers, Cows in open barns, free-stall, and grazing regimes

A smart management system will help you optimize the work routines, flexibly adapt to versatile farm practices, and make the bets of your animal sensor:

  • Automated filters to save manual labor - Filter out animals following group changes, pregnancy checks, and hoof-trimming to avoid false alerts - by manager’s choice
  • Adaptation to work protocols - Flexibly adapt to versatile work protocols e.g. multiple breeding, single breeding, ov-sync, and more

Durable and Reliable

As reliable as it gets - leverage 40 years of experience, placing sensors on millions of cows and heifers:

Mechanical design that is made to last
When you buy AfiAct II you enjoy Afimilk’s 40 years of experience, providing leg sensors to millions of cows and heifers in a huge verity of farm types. AfiAct II rock-solid mechanical design is exactly what it takes to whether

Electronic design with cutting edge technology
Don’t let the simple and smooth design fool you. Under the hood, AfiAct uses the most sophisticated motion detectors available, carefully designed to optimize the performance of the sensors, the antenna communication, and remote reading - while keeping the battery life running for years and years.

24/7 Wireless Tag Reading

24/7 wireless reading of the sensors, wherever the animals are

  • Using wireless communication, as long as the tags are in reading range - allowing you maximal management flexibility
  • You do not need to ensure animals will come to a reading station, solution for cows and heifers
  • The reader itself, connects to the farm WiFi - so it can be 20m or 1km away from the PC - easy to fit with your farm arrangement.

Heat detection - not only which animals to inseminate, but also when

The window of opportunity for insemination - when the inseminator comes you’d want the most updated heat detection list, possible. With AfiAct II wireless reading, the tags are being read every few minutes and the animals-for-insemination list is always updated.

Furthermore: monitoring the timing of the heat development, AfiAct II is a powerful tool to optimize the timing of the insemination of each animal, improve the conception chances and increase the farm’s pregnancy rate.

Mobile Apps

Afi2Go Pro: Focused mobile app for the mobile manager

Afi2Go Pro mobile app frees you to work with the animals and saves you the need to return to the office in order to type in treatment data. Use Afi2Go for:

  • Animal info - search an animal by typing her number or use an RFID (Bluetooth) wand
  • Browse lists - Animals for insemination, Sick Animals, Sorted, or Vet event (planned treatment)
  • Make decisions - sort, assign code, place a tag, move group, dry, calving, inseminate, and treatment

Stay Alert! Farm Notifications Mobile App

Time sensitive events, are now pushed directly into your smartphone, Displayed as splash notifications and can be browsed at all times in your farm-notification inbox

Animal Wellbeing

AfiAct II now monitors the animal resting time, health and wellbeing

A calm cow, is a productive cow. Researches show that a lost 1 hour of resting time, becomes a loss of 1.7kg of milk in the tank! AfiAct II tags, along with AfiFarm 5.3 software allows you to monitor and be alerted when you need to act:

  • Detect sick animals based on rest behavioral pattern
  • Welfare index for each group, based on their restlessness
  • Overcrowding alerts - let you know when overcrowding develops, and in which group
  • Quality of bedding alert - time to improve the bedding!
  • Group changes alert - too many group changes are causing restlessness in the group

Calving Alert Service

Vital knowhow in every step - Calving Alert Service

Determination of calving time can often mean the difference between life and death for calves and cows.

With the AfiAct II Calving Alert Service, you now receive notifications directly to your smartphone - just before calving starts, and more importantly, in cases of prolonged calving that may require intervention:

  • Proven successful on a large scale - Used in hundreds of farms in tens of countries to help farmers save their calves and cows every day.
  • Time sensitive - AfiAct II Calving Alert Service is today’s only tool that provides alerts less than 4 hours before calving, and also provides alerts of prolonged calving.
  • Easy - All you need is a smartphone. Notification will arrive directly into your Farm Notification inbox, using Afimilk iOS or Android app.

Best Animal ID

Best Animal ID in the milking parlor and at the sorting gate

To achieve effective herd management you need great sensors, but also a reliable identification of the animals being milked, being sorted, or being fed at automated feeders.

Afimilk has developed a unique technology for electronic identification of animals. It is accurate and robust from electric interference. Implemented through AfiAct II leg tags, no additional RFID tags are needed.

AfiFarm provides stall antennas that are suitable for any farm, whatever parlor is being used.

Automation & Management

Two that are better than one plus one:

AfiAct-II, the best tool for cow monitoring
AfiFarm 5.3, the best tool for farm management

AfiAct-II is the perfect cow monitoring tool, to go along with an Afimilk management and parlor automation solution. Here are just a few of the many reasons why:

  • Cow ID in the milking parlor and sort gate - AfiAct II with proprietary active ID technology developed just for that, provides the higher ID rate available, and most robust for interference (vs. RFID)
  • Combined multiple sensors algorithms - AfiFarm’s cow monitoring algorithm, analyze the combination of behavioral changes (using AfiAct II), and milk changes (using MPC and Inline Milk Lab)
  • Great heat detection, great management tools - AfiFarm adds the management tools that you need to make decisions that improve your fertility, monitor those decisions, and execute (routines, tasks, procedures
  • Find animals for attention, and sort them - AfiAct II will help you detect the animals to inseminate, check or treat. AfiFarm will help you sort them to the correct pen, at the designated time
  • Single software - single software for heat detection, herd management, milk recording, and parlor automation
  • And much much more!

Silent Herdsman Collars -
Market Leading Technology

The only product to accurately monitor heat and health with very high accuracy.

The only product to accurately monitor activity, eating and rumination.

Advanced technology: 3D accelerometer (patented).

Durable battery for extended lifetime, and advanced mechanical design for extra protection.

Long range wireless technology.

Touchscreen Cloud-Based Application

User-Friendly Controller
with Web and Mobile Access

With Silent Herdsman, you get a pre-installed and easy-to-setup controller, with convenient 15” touch display and in addition, you get full cloud-based mobile/web access:

You can access it anytime, from anywhere, with PC or Smartphone.

Even if the internet is unavailable, the farm-PC will work just fine.

How it works and what makes us better

Patented Unique Technology

Patented, Unique Technology - Provides Unmatched Heat Detection and Health Monitoring

Silent Herdsman Collar is the only one of it’s kind that uses 3D Accelerometer to effectively monitor different patterns of motion pattern: Chewing/Licking, Ruminating, and Full Body Activity.

Why would you care how it works? Because this is how, this sensor provides dramatically higher accuracy than other collars.

Heat Detection

Heat detection that stands out:

Silent Herdsman collar provides 95% sensitivity of detection, special algorithm to optimize for cows and heifer which behave differently, as well as closed barns vs. grazing regimes. For fertility management the system will list down:

  • Heat detection / Animals for insemination
  • Non-cycling cows and Repeatedly cycling
  • Administrative lists: Due heat and PD check

Monitor Animal Health

3 sensors in a single package - unique tool for health monitoring

Rumination is a sensitive and early indicator for health issues. The problem, is that other reasons may cause drop in rumination, and therefore it is highly susceptive to false alarms. Because we are combining the Rumination, Chewing, and Activity detection we can tell which is which and alert you on the cows with real health problem.

  • Ecoli mastitis
  • Ketosis / Acidosis
  • Rumen problems
  • Feet problems
  • Pneumonia
  • Cystic cows

Silent Herdsman Software

The easiest, simplest tool for monitoring cows and heifers

Afraid of computers? Don’t be, this one won’t even feel like a computer. A super simple dashboard brings all the functionality you need to a single screen: within 15 minutes of learning, it will feel as if you were using it for decades

  • Assign collar to an animal with 3 clicks
  • Attention lists: Animals for insemination, Sick animals
  • Look at further data of an animal - with one click
  • Enter events - using PC or mobile
  • Sorting attention animals (with help of AfiSort system) - automatically
  • Touch screen: the entire dashboard is conveniently operated with a touch screen

Call our rep, ask for a demo, and see for yourself.

Durable Advanced Design

Durable battery that will last the cow’s lifetime

Strong battery, along with sophisticated electronic design ensures that the sensor will go on and on more than a cow’s lifetime, although it is communicating every few minutes

Mechanical design that is made to last

Made of the finest materials, designed to withstand strong mechanical impact and other farm conditions that are not friendly to sophisticate electronics - such as extreme temperatures and wetness

Farm Controller and Cloud Access

The most advanced software architecture - enjoy the best of both worlds:

Farm controller - independent of internet availability

Farm Controller - Easy to Use 15” Touch Screen

  • Ruggedized PC for farm conditions
  • Convenient 15” touch screen, with software made for touch screen - large buttons, simple menus
  • Can be placed wherever it’s convenient - the office, the parlor, or the barn

Cloud access - from anywhere, in addition to the farm controller

Cloud advantages - take MySilent Herdsman Home

  • Access it from wherever you are, at anytime
  • Any device - PC, tablet of smartphone
  • Remote upgrades and easy support
  • Keeps your data safe - flood, fire, or just plain old hard disk failure: our cloud is your insurance policy

24/7 Reading Easy Setup

Wireless technology, makes the system easy to set and easy to operate

  • 24/7, wireless reading - Using wireless communication, the collars sensors are being read every few minutes.
  • Wireless connection to the PC - conveniently, the reader which reads the collars in the barn does not need to be wired to the controller, giving you flexibility to locate the controller in the office or where you like
  • Everything comes pre-configured - so there’s little left to do in the farm, expect placing the reader and controller, and turn them on
  • Assign collars to the animals with 2 clicks - all you need to do is select a collar from list of unassigned ones, an animal from list of animals with no collar, and you can do that on your mobile, a moment after placing the collar

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