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Make smarter management decisions while working in the field and on the go

Streamline your farm’s workload with Afimilk’s mobile management tools. You’ll be able to check the status of any task for any cow using any mobile device. Customize task lists based on your role on the farm and build a clear personal dashboard for maximum flexibility in herd management.

Real-time notifications
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Tasks by manager and position

Fast and Efficient Operations

Keep track of your cows in the field as tasks are being performed

Stop shuffling around papers trying to find the status of a cow in the field. Access real time data and manage each cow from your mobile device. The Afi2GoPrime app allows for easy onsite tag assignment, set animal codes, group change, manage treatments, assess fertility status and much more.

cow monitoring LegTag tag assignment
Easy tag
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Health check:
5 sec./cow
farm management app Insemination & Fertility alert
Insemination check:
5 sec./cow

All Powerful Cow Card

Easy to access information to make informed decisions

Afi2Go Prime allows data to be entered or accessed in the field, eliminating visits to the office for a list or for data entry. Data collected by the app is synched real-time with the AfiFarm management software. The interactive app notifies you based on real time changes for faster handling time.

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Are you ready to get to know your cows better?

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Automated Monitoring of Dairy Cows’

Automatically monitored behavioral (feeding and locomotor) irregularities of Israeli Holstein cows were investigated in three dairies in relation to animals’ health status and stress conditions. Feeding behavior patterns were analyzed on the base of automatic on-line recording of feeding events. Indices of feeding behavior irregularities were proposed.
Long lasted feeding behavior irregularities were accompanied by poor health related parameters: higher milk Somatic Cells Count and conductivity, greater body condition loss toward first insemination, and increased cooling rate.

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Put your cows on auto control

Put your cows on auto control

The system makes it possible to take care of each cow individually, even if it is part of a very large herd. As a matter of fact, the larger the herd, the sooner the system will be able to “pay for itself”. The Afimilk dairy management system is a product of SAE Afikim, a company that has specialized in computerized systems for the modern dairy farm for the past 30 years.

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