Afimilk full automation & management solution, is comprehensive yet highly focused on farmers’ needs, and ease of use:
Inline milk lab bring together the best milk meter, and the Afilab - our unique milk analyzer, which can tell the components of milk.
AfiAct II pedometers provides heat detection with uncompromised accuracy, calving alert, rest monitoring as well as reliable animal ID in the parlor.
AfiFarm the leading management software is orchestrating the show, and now with dramatic advantages revealed in AfiFarm 5.3

Best Milk Sensors

Afimilk has put together a unique set of milk sensors to monitor and record the most essential aspects of the milk yield - for every cow, during each milking session.

Milk yield - accurately measured, for short-term monitoring of health problems and improving long-term animal selection and genetic potential

Milk solids - focus on protein and fat components for effectively detecting ketosis, nutritional problems, and digestion-related health problems.

Accurate conductivity and lactose - special attention to changes in these milk components accurately indicate mastitis

Key Applications

Afimilk’s sensors go beyond indicating which cows have dropped in milk production or reporting increased milk conductivity. Our Research Team has developed key applications that will dramatically change the way you manage treatments and improve outcomes, including:

Ketosis early detection - for improving treatment of your fresh cows

Detecting mastitis - treat cows with mastitis early before loss of valuable production and the infection of others

Blood detection - prevent blood from entering the milk tank

Sub-Acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) - early detection allows you to treat the related group by adapting the feed regime

Feed monitoring - identify feed problems as quickly as the next milking session - extremely important since feed is the most highest farm expense

Genetic planning - only Afimilk’s In-Line Milk Lab provides you a daily record of milk yield and milk components per cow - invaluable information for planning animal selection

Labor Saving tool


AfiFarm’s milking efficiency module, the most advanced of its kind, helps you train and monitor the parlor team to optimize the milking process - based on a proven record of heightened udder health and milk productivity.


Bringing animals from the barn to treatments takes effort by the farm staff and is often a stressful event for the entire group. AfiSort system coupled with AfiFarm software changes all that: you can set automated routines for animal sorting, generate export and import lists, or just as easily sort a specific animal in the parlor using a milk-meter keypad, rotary terminal touch screen, and your smartphone.

User Friendly

Management Software - Convenient Dashboard, Easy Start

It is no secret that AfiFarm is probably the most comprehensive farm management solution available today, combining sophisticated algorithms and incredibly flexible tools for user customization.

Thanks to the AfiFarm ABC Dashboard the day-to-day operation on the farm requires little effort; even beginners will be on top of things within a couple of hours. The AfiFarm ABC Dashboard displays reports and daily functions on the homepage screen, making real-time data always accessible.

The information and actions you need - when and where you need them

How it works and what makes us better

Afimilk MPC

Exceptionally accurate device for milk yield and conductivity monitoring and recording

Afimilk MPC Milk Meter provides full control over the milking process. It is an ICAR-approved milk meter, with supporting features.

A state-of-the-art conductivity sensor is used for effective and early detection of mastitis and to reduce the damage caused by udder disease.

Heavy Duty, Long Lifetime, Flexible for Setup

With proper maintenance Afimilk MPC will last in your parlor for many years. It is built to be installed practically at any possible parlor configuration:

  • Modular device - Suitable for installation in any type or brand of milking platform.
  • Control panel - sealed unit designed to withstand the wet and challenging environment of milking parlors.
  • Small Volume Measuring Chamber - Requires minimal volume of cleaning water.
  • Low-cost preventive maintenance - Requires annual replacement of rubber gaskets only.
  • Tubing - Available in either 5/8” or 7/8” inlets.
  • Accessories - An array of efficient and cost-efficient vacuum shut-off valves.

MPC Features

Milk Point Controller

As a Milk Point Controller, the Afimilk MPC provide important features and alerts for milking operators:

  • Quality milking - built to provides the necessary protection against damaging vacuum fluctuations.
  • Cluster removal - accurate, adjustable thresholds for automatic stoppage of milking when milk flow decreases; timed vacuum closure guarantees smooth release of cluster from udder.
  • Pulsation - choose basic control to configure rates and ratios, or advanced flow controlled pulsation to automatically adjusts pulsation according to milk flow.

Afimilk MPC Control Panel

  • Reject codes from Afifarm (colostrum/antibiotics/high SCC/blood) are used for blocking the milking and alert operators
  • Health code alerts - may be set to indicate specific cows that require special attention or treatment
  • Animal data - Cow number, milk weight and additional data display
  • Alerts - Early kick-off, real-time Mastitis, milking flow and vacuum fluctuations, cluster removal and pulsation
  • Software updates - and new software to the milk meter, via communication.

Afilab Milk Analyzer

AfiLab Milk Analyzer to Track Components – Vital Knowhow in Every Drop

The AfiLab milk analyzer is installed inline (at each milking point) to measure components - fat, protein, and lactose, in the milk each cow gives and captures vital information for early health detection genetic improvement.

Merits of tracking milk components:

Ensuring Feed Efficiency - AfiLab alerts you of feed problems - Feed is the greatest cost of dairy farms. Therefore, its optimized control is of major importance:

  • Optimal feed regimes
  • Identifying effects of ration changes
  • Detecting reduced quality of feed

Genetic optimization – accurate sensors that automatically monitors the milk data, every milking (rather than lab test, once a month) are highly valuable tools for genetic supporting data:

  • Afimilk MPC ICAR approved milk meter – accurate recording of milk yield
  • Afilab milk analyzer - track and record milk components Fat & Protein
  • Database stores the information, 3 times a day for every cow, years over years

Detection of critical health problems – no one knows your milk better than Afimilk, that is a simple fact. Using the combined data of milk yield, conductivity, and components we are able to detect major diseases in the earliest stages: sub clinical ketosis, sub clinical mastitis, variety of digestion problems and more.

Mastitis Detection

Mastitis Detection

Mastitis is one of the greatest cost drivers (if not THE greatest) of cow health. Early detection is vital for effective treatment, preventing loss of production, and avoiding cross contamination (the spread of infection to healthy animals).

  • Reduced production
  • Late detection cause chronic damage
  • Difficult impregnation
  • One of top 3 involuntary culling reasons
  • Cost estimate: $130/year/cow in the herd

The Afimilk solution, how does it work?

Afifarm will not stop at telling you which cows are suspected sick or reduced production – it will also provide a specific list of cows with suspected mastitis.

The unique combination of Afimilk’s sensors monitoring changes in milk yield, conductivity and lactose, is today’s most effective tool for routine mastitis detection. It helps identifying more cows, at an earlier time.

Ketosis Detection

Ketosis Detection – early and accurate detection is key

Ketosis or NEB (Negative Energy Balance) - What is it?

Fresh (post-calving) cows suffer from reduced appetite and weakness. When daily feed consumption does not meet energy needs, cows enter a state of negative energy balance, resulting in stress and increased level of Ketone bodies in the blood (i.e. Ketosis)

Treatment can be very effective, but detecting the Ketosis state is tricky. For example detection kits may show inconsistent results when applied at different times of the day. Studies show that up to 75% of the Ketosis cases are sub-clinical (i.e. go unnoticed).

The Afimilk solution, how does it work?

Afimilk excels at early detection. Ketotic cows present increased levels of fat in their milk, and decreased levels of protein. AfiLab milk analyzer measures milk components and Afifarm sowftare identify when fat to protein ratio surpasses 1.4 (a reliable indication for ketotic cow). As cows’ milk is monitored 3 times a day, this method is highly sensitive and accurate.

  • Damages of ketosis: production impact, late pregnancies, negative selection (increased exit of high yielding cows)
  • Prevalence: 25-40% of fresh cows
  • Damages cost estimated: $400 for ketotic cow, average of $100/year/cow in the herd

SARA Detection

SARA (Sub-Acute Ruminal Acidosis) - What is it?

SARA is a temporary reduction of the rumen pH below desired values (due to unbalanced feed): Low pH, poisonous gas in the rumen.

Symptoms: Unfortunately, no detection kits are available. At some point, manure will change in color – but that state is already too late and the damage is done.

Damages of SARA

Damaged indigestion (impact on production)

Decreased fertility

Tendency to develop laminitis

The Afimilk solution, how does it work?

Using Afilab sensor, Afimilk monitors changes in fat component. Applied on the group level, this gives a highly accurate indication of SARA and paves the road for effective treatment – the farmer will look for recent changes of feed provided to the specific group.

Preventing Loss of Bulk Milk

Vital Knowhow in Every Drop - Maintains Top Quality Milk

Prevent loss of bulk milk

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to throw away a whole tank due to load of contaminated milk wrongly milked to the tank. Afimilk's In-Line Milk Lab is your insurance policy to prevent bulk milk contamination:

  • Colostrum - may be blocked from milking
  • Milk of a cow with antibiotic treatment - may be blocked from milking
  • Blood in the milk - may be detected by AfiLab, and quickly stop milking

Prevent bacterial growth - monitor CIP wash

  • Careful monitoring at each milking point
  • Alerts of detected deviation

Animal Sorting

AfiSort - A better way to manage your animals

Fetching the cows for treatment from their barn is an effort savvy task for the farm staff, and a stressful event for the entire group. AfiSort system changes all of that, as it lets you to automatically sort the animals for a treatment pan.


  • Calm animals: Avoid stressing your animals when you need to bring them from the barn
  • Labor savings: Less people are needed for managing the animals
  • Flexible management: automated schedule, one-by-one animal selection or “sort now”
  • Solution for farms of all sizes: 2 way sort, 3 way sort, single or multiple
  • Sort and weight scale (optional): integrated and cost effective

Sorting with AfiSort, Easy as A-B-C

In addition to setting sorting routines in AfiFarm, you may apply sort order for any cow with a single click, from the parlor, office or smartphone:

Precision Milking

Precision milking – labor saving, and improved udder health

The key to Precision Milking

Afimilk MPC is a highly advanced milk meter which collects detailed minute by minute data about attachments, flow rates, milking curve and milking times.

In turn these data points serve to assess parlor operation, procedures, and milking efficiency. AfiFarm’s milking efficiency module, can you help you coach and monitor the parlor team, improve the way they are milking the cows.

Aside from measuring, the MPC optimally controls pulsation, stimulation, accurate cluster removal and milking time:

  • Aids in fresh cow follow-up to help you optimize the milk curve
  • Maintains a calm milking environment by alerting on restless behavior, kick-offs, slow milk let down and double attachments
  • Improves milking efficiency by monitoring milking times and flow rates to evaluate the quality of animal preparation for milking and milk let-down
  • Offers new pulsation and claw removal parameter options

In-Line Milk Lab Brochure

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