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Herd Planning Herd Planning

The Need - Milk Production Forecast

The Challenge

In every business, production planning is at the heart of economic control. In the dairy industry, unlike other businesses, increasing the means of production - the number of milked cows - is either a long-term task (growing replacements) or a meaningful investment (buying pregnant cows).

Lost Assets

Failure to comply with projected milk production is like not harvesting a crop: both represent missed opportunities and profits.

In quota environments particularly, planning and adopting production to milk prices and future scenarios may have dramatic effects on profitability.

When milk prices are high, failing to maximize production means lost income.

The Solution


Precisely-planned herd size is a prerequisite for meeting scheduled milk plans.

Farm managers must precisely calculate future milk production. They must gauge how many heifers/cows to buy or pregnant heifers to sell, without interfering with the projected production scheme.

Our Solution

AfiFarm enables precise calculation of herd size and distribution to match annual production plans.

Advanced calculation based on herd history (previous lactations), current yields of each animal and expected calvings allows farmers to adjust herd distribution to required production. This application supports accurate culling policies, sales of young stock and importing new lactating cows.


Milk production according to farm projections maximizes profit. By clearly identifying these factors, the farmer can boost profitability.