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Parallel Parallel

Our parallel stalls provide milkers easy access to the udder between the cow’s back legs. This enables quick cow positioning and milking, and ensures safety for the operator.

Our parallel parlors offer:

  • various levels of automation for selected parts of the milking operation
  • a cow identification system, milk meters and AfiLab milk analyzers
  • high cow throughput
  • a wide variety of customizing options: size, future expansion capability

90º Side-by-Side Parallel Stall Construction

This construction is specially designed for rear leg milking. It is suitable for both milking pit and milking platform designs, and can be adapted to high capacity industrial size milking parlors.

90º side-by-side parallel stall construction offers:

  • Heavy duty hot-dip galvanized/SS stall construction
  • Distance between stalls – 70 cm
  • Optional stainless steel upper cabinets concealing and protecting wiring and electronics, with a hatch for each four to five stalls
  • Galvanized/SS butterfly gates including soft bearings
  • SS inserts and bases for butterfly gates and poles
  • Sequencing gates – keep cows in position without interfering with next cow
  • Indexing gates – hold animals in position while they are milked
  • Galvanized brisket bar
  • Double brisket bar piston for each four to five stalls
  • SS butt pan trough (manure gutter/splash pan)
  • Galvanized/SS entry gates, "sliding" type
  • Electrical gate control
  • 2-unit SS ladder
  • 1-unit SS stairs