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Rotary Rotary

These labor-efficient milking parlors, which enable a constant daily cow routine, suit dairies that require high hourly throughput. 

Rotary parlor operators remain in one place to put on the cups, while the constant cow flow allows milkers to focus on essential tasks in a safe environment.

Benefits of rotary milking:

  • Milkers do not waste time walking from cow to cow.
  • The platform speed controls the milkers’ pace and can be adjusted according to cow groups’ milking times and yields.
  • A uniform work routine allows for calm, stress-free milk let-down.
  • Milking procedures are more consistent and efficient in a large rotary parlor (60 stalls or greater) than in the same sized herringbone or parallel parlors (2X30 or greater)


AfiMilk R600

The ultimate parlor solution for large-scale operations

AfiMilk’s R600 integrates well-established, proven technology from AfiMilk, the world leader in dairy management solutions. The AfiMilk R600 presents a calm, safe milking environment for your large herd. It allows you to maximize parlor throughputs, achieve optimal milk out for your cows and improve overall milking quality. The R600 has everything you need to safely and quickly milk your cows.

AfiMilk R600 features:

  • 600 cows per hour, up to 100 stalls
  • Fast loading and unloading
  • Comfortable for the cows – convenient for the milkers
  • Heavy-duty platform and durable drive mechanism
  • All-in-one bails
  • Integrated Afimilk management system

For more details, please visit the AfiMilk R600 mini-site.



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