AfiSort Cow Separation

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AfiSort Cow Separation AfiSort Cow Separation

An Extra Hand on the Dairy Farm

On average, 10% of all animals in the herd require special attention on any given day. Breeding, health care and scheduled treatments such as hoof trimming and vaccination are all part of the routine dairy operation. Identifying cows that require treatment and managing their traffic and care is second in importance only to milking.

The AfiSort automated cow sorting system reduces labor by automatically selecting and scheduling cows for treatment. The system also diverts cows to treatment areas according to the type of attention they require.


Mid- and large-sized herd managers claim that along with automated data collection, AfiSort has become an essential working tool on the farm.

Separating cows for breeding and fertility treatments into treatment yards or chutes is crucial for maintaining a daily breeding routine.

A lack of headlocks in pens has forced many farms to build hospital pens. Separating and gathering sick cows is much easier when the only task at hand is defining criteria for treatment.

AfiSort Cow Separation

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