AfiWeigh Weighing Cows

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AfiWeigh Weighing Cows AfiWeigh Weighing Cows

Automatic Walk-Over Weighing System

Body condition indicates cows' general physiological status. Without automated methods for evaluating body condition, dairymen cannot use this vital parameter in their decision-making.

In the form of automated scales, the AfiWeigh system gauges cows' body weight en route from the milking parlor. The system also evaluates eligibility for breeding, efficiency of feed intake and other post-partum problems reflected in body condition.

As a standalone system, AfiWeigh assesses the growth of calves and heifers in light of their expected body weight growth curve.


AfiWeigh can ensure sound management by:

  • identifying cows’ weight gain, which helps dairy managers define the time to start breeding; cows that enter a positive energy balance post-partum display increased body mass
  • measuring multipara weight gain/loss during lactation, which indicates feed intake efficiency, and may point out errors in transition feeding policy
  • detecting significant changes in body mass during the dry period, which indicate inadequate feeding during this period
  • calculating automated feed distribution for grazing cows according to body weight
AfiWeigh Weighing Cows

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