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Mastitis detection and the proper use of conductivity

In order to give your cows, the quickest way to recovery from mastitis, it’s important to detect it early. In most cases, indications of mastitis have come from observing swelling or noticing some flakes in the cow’s milk.

herd management software

Animal Welfare & Afimilk

Animal welfare is a primary criterion of social sustainability. With sustainability being a pillar of our core values, Afimilk works together with farmers who provide the best welfare possible to their herds, supplementing them with tools and best practices for improving animal care.

If Milk Could Talk! – Important Things You Can Learn By Using A Milk Meter

If you read the previous article in this series, you already know that a milk meter can be a valuable tool in your armory, giving you detailed data about each cow’s milk production to support better decision-making on the farm. Just using the solution at face value – to compare quantity and quality of milk to historical norms – is valuable in itself, but there is more you can deduce from Afimilk’s MPC milk meter when you understand how to interpret the data.

Why Every 21st Century Dairy Farm Needs A Milk Meter

The Afimilk MPC used alongside Afifarm’s farm management solution provides an abundance of historic and current information about each cow. It is this level of detail that will help you take your management decisions into a higher league so you can truly maximize your productivity and profits.

Leveraging Automation to Increase Milking Parlor Efficiency

The milking parlor is the heart of every dairy farm. A mismanaged parlor can negatively impact a farm’s critical areas of profitability, including an increase in cases of mastitis in cows, chronic teat problems and other health issues that can influence fertility, feed efficiency and welfare – ultimately ending in lost milk and lost revenue.

Precision dairy farming: How technology can benefit dairy herd management

Increasing dairy herd size, shortage of available workers and rising labor costs has made it increasingly difficult for producers to provide specific attention to each individual animal. Due to these changes in the dynamics of herds size and production per animal, as well as the growing concerns surrounding animal welfare, the dairy industry has become one of the leading adopters of precision technology.

10 Insights to Boost Your Milking Parlor’s Performance

In this blog, we focus on Afimilk’s MPC – a highly advanced milk meter that collects detailed minute-by-minute data from your parlor. You can use this data to evaluate your existing milking protocol, spot inefficiencies, and remediate issues.

Best Practices For Increased Milking Parlor Revenue

Data is the key to improving your farm’s efficiency and boosting your bottom line but to get the most of your data, you need to have the tools to analyze it. Using Afimilk’s MPC in conjunction with the milk efficiency module in Afifarm presents you with data that makes it easy for you to quickly glean practical information at a glance, with the option to delve deeper into the data if you wish.

Unlocking the Hidden Value in Your Milk Parlor

Dairy farm so it makes sense to focus significant attention on the milk parlor when looking for ways to boost your farm’s profitability. By using milk monitoring tools, you can collect vast amounts of milking data and store it for later analysis. The best parlor solutions provide an accurate snapshot of what is going on day to day in the milking parlor down to the individual cow level, giving you the information you need to evaluate your milking protocols and plan for a more efficient future.

Efficient Farm app with Afi2Go

Afi2Go: A Paperless Farm is an Efficient Farm

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