Seminar on AfiFarm in Krasnodar city

From 2 to 4 February 2020, an Israeli company Afimilk held a seminar for users of the AfiMilk Herd Management program.

The official representative of Afimilk in the south of Russia – dealer company YugAfimilk – undertook all works on organization and technical support of the seminar. The training took place in the Krasnodar office of Afimilk and was conducted by Afimilk specialists.

The seminar was titled: Herd Management with AfiFarm for Advanced Users. Therefore, this time, only the specialists who already had experience working with AfiFarm came to improve their skills in using the program.

Veterinarians, inseminators, livestock specialists, breeders and managers from nine farms of the Krasnodar Territory came to get acquainted with new or already familiar, but improved and more convenient features of the program.

Afimilk expresses gratitude to its official dealer, YugAfimilk, for the high level of organization of the event and is confident that all participants in the seminar will join this.

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