Afi2Go Prime

cow monitoring

Afi2Go Prime makes farm management quick, streamlined, and accurate. It provides an optimal solution to relaced whiteboards or notebooks, while also improving accuracy and labour efficiency.

As many users as is required can have access to the app, where the information presented is always live and all events recorded in the app transfer directly to AfiFarm simplifying the farm operation.

  • Intuitive design to streamline routine processes: data entry is reduced to under 5 seconds per cow for tasks such as pregnancy check, animal health treaments, vet treatments, insemination events and more.
  • We have put together quick videos to help users get started and make the most of the tools available on Afi2Go Prime, which are available upon request. Click here to register
  • New ingestion graph added to the animal card for AfiCollars.
  • Sick days widget added for suspected sick cows


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Employing AfiLab™ for commercialized real time, on-line milk separation according to its clotting properties

Where the milk starts talking.
Integrated milking point analysis and control.

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