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Meet our new team members

Julian Ramirez-Luna

Julian is our New Sales and Business Development Manager/NZ. He is a civil engineer with an MBA degree who has developed his professional career around tech transfer and sustainability not only in NZ but also overseas. He has spent the last 14 years working across different NZ Dairy industry companies.

Kylie McNeil

Kylie has just joined us at Afimilk as our newly appointed Operations Administrator after 6 years as a Personal Assistant in the integral division of Technology at LIC. With a successful career in various large industries, including BNZ, Prime Television and the NZ Herald, we are excited to have her onboard!

Jan-Maree Pyle

Let us introduce you to Jan-Maree, she is part of our best-in-class sales team. They work with you to integrate Aficollar into your farm’s unique workflow and provide ongoing advice to ensure each customer gets the total value from AfiCollars to our full in-shed technologies. 

A big Welcome to them!


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Employing AfiLab™ for commercialized real time, on-line milk separation according to its clotting properties

Where the milk starts talking.
Integrated milking point analysis and control.

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Accurate rumination and eating patterns are used as indications of each cow’s …
AfiFarm is a management software tool that handles up to 60,000 animals in …
Afimilk has designed a unique set of milk sensors to monitor and record …

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Afimilk provides advanced dairy management solutions for farmers including cow monitoring, farm management software, and parlor automation. We go above and beyond standard monitoring to bring our …

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