AfiCollar: Updates

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Farms with AfiCollar configuration will enjoy the following new and enhanced features:

New Feature: Heat Stress Detection

  • Monitor: 72 hour group heat/panting trends, alongside rumination and eating patterns.
  • Act: Determine how the herd is coping with heat stress and take immediate actions to mitigate.
  • Plan: Observe the group’s routines and heat stress trends and pre-empt plans accordingly.

Tips on how to mitigate heat stress in pasture-based environments to follow in our summer newsletter. 

Notice the decrease in eating as panting increases:

Key: Purple = Rumination; Green = Eating; Peach = Panting

Enhanced Feature: Heat Indicator Graph

Displays hourly eating and rumination data alongside the heat indicator for the past 72 hours.

Enhanced Feature: Non-specific health

New graph design that displays hourly eating, rumination and activity data which helps to identify animals with potential health issues, but with no identified diagnosis.

The graph depicts deviations (% drop) in average (defined as 0%) for eating and rumination over the past 72 hours.  The hourly data not only allows you to determine the onset of illness but also helps to monitor the efficacy of your treatment/intervention. 


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