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The team has expanded

Meet our new team members Julian Ramirez-Luna Julian is our New Sales and Business Development Manager/NZ. He is a civil engineer with an MBA degree

cow monitoring

AfiFarm 5.5.3 Release Announcement

5.5.3 is here! As always, we’re excited to bring you our latest round of updates, improvements, and fixes to help keep your farm running smoothly.

cow monitoring system

New pricing model: Afimilk Prime

Starting in 2022, the software pricing model has changed to a subscription model. All future AfiFarm customers will be under this model and upgrades are

cow collar

AfiCollar: Updates

Farms with AfiCollar configuration will enjoy the following new and enhanced features: New Feature: Heat Stress Detection Monitor: 72 hour group heat/panting trends, alongside rumination

cow monitoring

Afi2Go Prime

Afi2Go Prime makes farm management quick, streamlined, and accurate. It provides an optimal solution to relaced whiteboards or notebooks, while also improving accuracy and labour

AfiFarm and MINDA Integration

The long-awaited integration is here! This integration will allow the below fields to transfer, without the need for users to enter the same data fields

AfiFarm 5.5.1 and Afimilk Prime

We are excited to announce the release of AfiFarm 5.5.1 and the Afimilk Prime program. AfiFarm 5.5.1 is available as a Standalone system to monitor

Afimilk NZ Team

From left to right:  Colin Grainger-Allen; Sahar Ariely; Erin O’Connor; Javier Cuellar, Bernadine van den Berg and John Stubbs. Introducing the faces of Afimilk New

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