AfiFarm and MINDA Integration

The long-awaited integration is here!

This integration will allow the below fields to transfer, without the need for users to enter the same data fields in both systems, saving a lot of time and energy.

AfiFarm to MINDA

  • Heat events

MINDA to AfiFarm

  • Cow Management Number
  • Birth ID
  • Birth Date
  • LIC Animal Key
  • Lactation number
  • Last calving date
  • Last heat date (if recorded in MINDA)
  • Last insemination date
  • Last confirmed pregnant date
  • Last dry off date

If you are interested to learn more, please contact your local Area Sales Manager:

Colin Grainger-Allen

North Island Area Sales Manager


Mobile: +64 21 464390

Jan-Maree Pyle

South Island Area Sales Manager


Mobile: +64 27 2702007


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