Study Shows Powerful Performance Benefits to be Gained from Tracking Eating and Rumination

Agriculture and Environment

A groundbreaking study carried out by the School of Agriculture and Environment at Massey University, New Zealand, found a powerful link between eating and rumination tracking using an Afimilk Cow collar and performance benefits on dairy farms. The study, which used a herd of dairy cows comprising three different breeds in different lactation numbers, concluded that activity tracking can help farmers better manage their farms on several fronts: ​​ 

  • Improve the welfare status or quality of life of individual cows in the herd.
  • Better manage feed availability and pasture resources and understand variations in cow feed requirements.
  • Predict disease and improve the health status of cows
  • Improve oestrus detection and rate of conception
  • Improve the overall production efficiency of the farming system

You can access the full study here

Cow collar for better performance


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