How to monitor energy balance using in-line milk testing

In-line Milk Lab

The physiological condition of any animal is reflected in the components of its body fluids, such as milk in a dairy cow. Using an optic sensor, we can measure milk composition (fat, protein, lactose and blood) for each cow during every milking.

Milk Sample

Instructions for taking milk samples.

Afimilk MPC

Get full control over milking process at every milking point – for healthier udders.

Feeding cows as individuals will optimise yields and profits

Cows Feeding

Treating cows as individuals and going back to thinking like a cowman rather than a herdsman will optimise yields and profits, said South African dairy farmer Nigel Lok at this week’s British Cattle Breeders Club Conference, Telford.

AfiLab for Ketosis detection

In-Line Milk Lab consists of two sensors for decision support and early detection of health issues.


Where the milk starts talking.
Integrated milking point analysis and control.

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We are here to provide diary producers with the technology and knowledge to profitably produce high quality milk.

Using conductivity for early mastitis detection

mastitis detection

Early detection of mastitis is considered the best option to allow cows a quick recovery. Mastitis detection by seeing clinical signs, may prove challenging in large farms with high throughput or in cases of subclinical mastitis that doesn’t show clinical signs yet. New technologies automatically detect mastitis, before the cows show clinical signs.

Manejo computerizado y de precision en establos lecheros

Manejo computerizado y de precision en establos lecheros

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