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Employing AfiLab™ for commercialized real time, on-line milk separation according to its clotting properties


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mastitis detection

Using conductivity for early mastitis detection

Early detection of mastitis is considered the best option to allow cows a quick recovery. Mastitis detection by seeing clinical signs, may prove challenging in large farms with high throughput or in cases of subclinical mastitis that doesn’t show clinical signs yet. New technologies automatically detect mastitis, before the cows show clinical signs.

General Management Practices – from Heifer to High Producing Dairy Cow

Innovative technology for automatic washing

Polish company Polanes Milking System have used innovative technology to produce Aquatronic for use in milking parlours. The device includes two main components – the Aquatronic controller and the Aquabox unit.

The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Milking Routines

The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Milking Routines

The objective of milking management of properly functioning milking management is to ensure that teatcups are applied to visibly clean, well-stimulated teats, that milk is harvested rapidly and efficiently, and that milking units are removed when milking is completed

Detection and Prevention of Milking Routine Problems by Computerized Monitoring of Milking Irregularities

Detection and Prevention of Milking Routine Problems

A study was carried out to examine if computer monitoring of the dairy herd can help in the assessment of the milking routine on individual farms, to advise on possible shortcomings, and to monitor recommendations on improvements to the milking routine, particularly violations of “overriding” the ACR settings.

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