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How to choose Cow Activity Monitor

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Cow Activity Monitor

Dairy producers have long understood the importance of visual cues in determining cows’ fertility and health status. Since round-the-clock observation can be impractical and labor-intensive, especially on larger operations, many dairies are now turning to technology for cow monitoring solutions.

Heat-stress effects on dairy cattle behavior

Heat-stress effects on dairy cattle behavior

Resting time is inversely correlated with milk production and directly correlated with gestation length. Based on readings of thousands of cows fitted with pedometers in multiple farms, Afimilk has measured 500 to 700 minutes per day as the normal resting time for lactating dairy cows.

Effects of Cow Comfort on Milk Quality, Productivity and Behavior

Effects of Cow Comfort on Milk Quality, Productivity and Behavior

The behavior of dairy cows is dependent on the interaction between the cows and their physical environment. In the “big picture”, the physical factors of the facility (stall design, flooring type, feed bunk design, environmental quality) impose baseline limitations on how the cows will interact with the housing conditions. Within these limitations, the ability of cows to engage in natural behaviors is further dictated by management routines such as grouping strategy and stocking density