Feeding cows as individuals will optimise yields and profits

Cows Feeding

Treating cows as individuals and going back to thinking like a cowman rather than a herdsman will optimise yields and profits, said South African dairy farmer Nigel Lok at this week’s British Cattle Breeders Club Conference, Telford.

AfiLab for Ketosis detection

In-Line Milk Lab consists of two sensors for decision support and early detection of health issues.


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Integrated milking point analysis and control.

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Improve estrus detection: Monitor rumination, eating patterns

Improve estrus detection

The onset of estrus in dairy cattle is accompanied by changes in physiological activity, rumination and feeding behavior. These alterations can be monitored via direct observation or through the use of automatic sensors.

Proper control brings positive returns

Proper control brings positive returns (Stuart Mackenzie)

“About three years ago I was in an aggressive expansion phase. For me to get a good quota, I had to get my cow numbers up quickly. When I got the chance to acquire an Ayrshire herd, I not only could up my milk production, but it also offered me the opportunity to differentiate a little bit in terms of the price I receive for my milk, Ayrshire milk being regarded as different from Holstein milk.”

Put your cows on auto control

Put your cows on auto control

The system makes it possible to take care of each cow individually, even if it is part of a very large herd. As a matter of fact, the larger the herd, the sooner the system will be able to “pay for itself”. The Afimilk dairy management system is a product of SAE Afikim, a company that has specialized in computerized systems for the modern dairy farm for the past 30 years.