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LATAM Dealers Meeting

LATAM Dealers Meeting 2022

Afimilk’s Latin American dealers meeting finally took place in the Dominican Republic during the first week of July 2022 after more than two years of the world pandemic.

Afimilk sensors can gather data on the amount of milk that each cow produces

Sensors can gather data on the amount of milk that each cow produces

Afimilk sensors can gather data on the amount of milk that each cow produces, the milk components and other data that can diagnose the physical condition of each individual cow. This provides data on cows who haven’t had enough rest and alerts the attending veterinarian via smartphone about the onset of calving

Fortissimo deal with Afimilk

Fortissimo & Afikim Sign a New Deal

Afimilk’s shareholders, Fortissimo Capital and Kibbutz Afikim, signed an agreement between them for Fortissimo to acquire 25% of Afimilk’s shares to hold 55%, whereby Kibbutz Afikim continues to hold 45% of the shares. 

Afimilk Representative Office Opens

Afimilk opened a representative office in Krasnodar City in January 2019. The office was set up to offer customers and dealers a meeting place where they can receive information, hold training seminars, and more.

animal-breeding complex

Upgraded Dairy Complex Opens

November 2018, in Voloshovo settlement in the Luzhsky district of the Leningrad region, a modernized animal-breeding complex for 300 cows opened and the newly built “Herringbone” milking parlor for 28 cows was put into operation.

AfiFarm 5.3

AfiFarm 5.3 is here

Afimilk is proud to announced the commercial availability of AfiFarm 5.3, the latest in the company’s market-leading product line of dairy management software, and Afi2Go Pro, a new mobile app designed to provide management teams with the ultimate in flexibility.

calving spread

Real-Time Automatic System

Calving is a crucial event in a productive cows’ life cycle and has a significant influence on herd profitability and cow’s welfare. Calving detection is a key factor to ensure successful calving with minimal harm to the calf and the cow.

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