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Afimilk Projects has vast worldwide expertise in setting up dairy farming projects from large-scale operations to small farms.

Activity monitors: More than just heat detection

Activity monitors for heat detection

To assure cows calve at optimal intervals and maintain milk production at peak levels of efficiency, it is necessary to constantly keep a close eye on the cows, which isn’t always an easy task. Automated heat detection systems are making this possible in today’s industry. However, most systems on the market, including AfiAct, provide the producer with more that just a heat detection tool.

AfiAct II

The next generation solution for the most accurate heat detection.

Afimilk needs & solutions

We are here to provide diary producers with the technology and knowledge to profitably produce high quality milk.

Dairy Guidelines Raising Calves

Dairy Guidelines Raising Calves

The greatest effect on inheritance will come from the sire you select. Selecting bulls with high PTA’s for production and type offers the greatest opportunity for improvement in a herd