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Israel Farmers day 20-21/8/19

October 22nd, 2019

Afimilk Israel conducted two farmers day for their customers.

  1.  Tuesday August 20th in Kibbutz Erez- around 50 dairy farmers joined the meeting
  2.  Wednesday August 21st at Kibbutz Afikim around 80 dairymen attended the meeting.

Both meeting presenters were Dr. Alon Arazi from the Applied Research team and Amir Ben Yehoshua Afimilk Chief Application Support.
The meeting topic was Herd Health. Dr. Arazi talked about health specification and markers and introduced main needed terminology for the topic. He spoke about health markers for -Mastitis, Ketosis, Acidosis, digestion problem, lameness, metritis DA and retain placenta. He explained how common they can be on farms and their impact on herd fertility and their cost to the farm bottom line.

Amir Ben-Yehoshua explained how Afimilk system detect those health problems, what indicators and parameters we are using to do that, our recommended methods for some of the treatment and to properly manage it especially in large herds.
A very active good discussion followed the presentations with dairymen asking what to do as well as sharing their own experience.